J. Gold & Co. is now located in Westchester County, New York. Owner, Joe Gold has been shooting jewelry as well as other still life for over 35 years. January 2020 marked our 24th anniversary in business.

We started out shooting 8 x10 film and turn to digital around 2005. Many of our old school ways were kept. We have always and will always shoot with view cameras.We prefer the flexibility they offer in our image making. Many of our important techniques can not be done on the new generation cameras so why bother changing just to make it easier with results that are okay just not as good as we would like.

The creative work done here is diverse. From catalog to advertising, our goal is to meet the needs of our clients. We usually handle all styling and background production unless the client request otherwise. We are always open to testing new ideas in hopes of producing the best product possible. We also feel strongly in setting up a personalized workflow with each client in order to minimize wasted time and ease your production.

All merchandise goes through strict handling from the time it enters the studio until it’s back in your hands.

We appreciate the valuable time you’ve taken in viewing our site. Please feel free to contact Joe at (914) 948.9294 if you desire any future information.